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MARCH 25, 26, 27, 2020
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto, Canada
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Why Attend

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Raise your skill and knowledge levels
  • Be more “engaged” in your work
  • Demonstrate the benefits your employer gets

Do you aspire to earn more money, earn promotions within your company, or perhaps even hope to start your own company in the future?

Attending CMPX 2020 is a fast, affordable, convenient and effective way to connect with all the latest technologies, build your network of resources and your industry relationships to help move your career ahead.

Attending CMPX is an investment in your own skills, knowledge and professionalism. You gain by attending CMPX – it is not a cost – it is an investment in greater future returns.

  • Talk with knowledgeable representatives about the latest equipment and products in the industry
  • Bring back money-saving ideas and solutions
  • Stay current with the latest code, legislative and regulatory trends in the industry
  • Meet proven problem-solvers in the plumbing and HVACR industries - take home valuable strategies and techniques
  • Expand your networking connections

We realize there is a double cost to attending any event or seminar; the actual cost to travel and attend, and the cost in lost income when you're off the job for that time. The following can be used to support your request for time and budget to attend CMPX, if your manager is not already convinced of the value.


Business is booming with the rapid population growth in many areas of Canada and a very active construction industry, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver. The United States housing market is also in full recovery, stimulating the development of exciting new technologies and mechanicals industry products for both residential and commercial applications.

“One show–the entire industry” is not merely a slogan, it is the single most important reason to attend the CMPX show. Everything in the industry will be on display and accessible on the 200,000 square foot show floor, more than 500 exhibiting companies will be there in person, and the Learning Forum seminars will cover a wide range of key topics. 

If your manager asks you to justify the expense, here are some points to mention:

  • Explain what you will specifically bring back to the organization from CMPX as a return for the investment.
  • Volunteer to give a short review to your colleagues to share what you learn. 
  • Offer to share the convention and seminar handouts with your colleagues. As an attendee, you have access to materials provided by speakers.
  • Be ready with a plan to cover your work responsibilities while you are at CMPX.

Finally, offer to actually write your own report of all the things you found at CMPX, that are specifically valuable to your company.

This is Canada’s largest show for the mechanicals industry and it is only held every second year so, 2020 is the year to make attendance at CMPX your priority!