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MARCH 25, 26, 27, 2020
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto, Canada
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2018 Seminars & Educational Workshops

 The Seminars & Educational Workshops listed below were offered for CMPX 2018. CMPX 2020 offerings will be posted here as the show gets closer!

AHRI: Certification and Heating

Speaker: David Noyes
Room: 205B
Time: Wed. March 21 2PM-3PM

This presentation includes an introduction to AHRI, its history, and it's role in the HVACR and Water Heating industry. The presentation also includes information on our certification programs with a focus on heating products.

AHRI Variable Refrigerant Flow Standard and Certification Program

Speaker: Caroline M. Henley
Room: 205B
Time: Wed. March 21 3PM-4PM

Staff from the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) will give an overview of AHRI's role in the HVACR industry with a focus on Variable Refrigerants Flow (VRF) products. During the presentation, AHRI staff will review and answer questions related to the AHRI VRF Certification Program as well as AHRI Standard 1230, Performance Rating of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi-split Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment.

All presentations held in Room 202A

Bosch Geothermal Overview

Speaker: Fred Crick
Times: Wed. March 21 & Thurs. March 22 | 11AM-12PM

Bosch IDS Inverter Heat Pump Overview

Speaker: Fred Crick
Times: Wed. March 21 & Thurs. March 22 | 12PM-1PM

Bosch Ductless Mini Splits & Multi Zones Overview

Speaker: Fred Crick
Time: Thurs. March 22 | 1PM-2PM

Bosch Greentherm Tankless Water Heater Overview

Speaker: Ken Mitchell
Times: Wed. March 21 2PM-3PM |Thurs. March 22 3PM-4PM

Benefits and Uses of a Good Filter Drier in a HVAC&R System

Speaker: Vikash Sekhani, Director of Sales at Dry-All
Room: 206B
Time: Thursday, March 22 | 2-4PM

An industry veteran for over 27 years, Vikash Sekhani will discuss the benefits and uses of a good filter drier in a HVAC&R System. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of refrigeration and air-conditioning accessories for over 20 years, Dry-All has built a strong customer base all over the world.

Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction by Adopting Digital Refrigeration Controllers.

Speaker: Lucas De Marchi, Full Gauge
Room: 201D
Time: Wed. March 21 11AM-12PM, Thurs. March 22 11AM-12PM

Learn how to benefit from the versatility and adaptability of digital controllers in commercial refrigeration, installation, configuration and business cases.

All sessions held Thursday, March 22 | 201F

Ventilation and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Speaker: Will Elaridi
Time: 11AM-12PM

The session will cover ventilation requirements for various commercial building applications, while following the ASHRAE 62.1 and 90.1 codes. As ventilation requirements become more demanding, we will cover ventilation solutions to comply with these codes. Such methods include: ERV theory and technology on the Lossnay core as well as the Premisys packaged heating/cooling unit and how they tie into the VRF system. In addition, we will cover the Premisys split system and what advantages it provides compared to the packaged unit. We will look at two methods of ventilation, centralized and decentralized systems. We will also look at two ways to connect the DOAS to the VRF system, coupled and decoupled connections. This informative session will provide a great idea on how to integrate the DOAS with the VRF system in the most optimal and cost effective way.

Air-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems and Applications

Speaker: Gary Chang
Time: 1-2PM

The session offers an introduction to the Air-cooled VRF concept, components, heat pump and heat recovery systems. The overview describes the features and benefits of Air Source VRF for different commercial building applications and explains the common strategies dealing with cold climates to optimize annual performance and comfort levels. Air Source VRF offers a lot of advantages over conventional systems typically found in commercial buildings. Come and see how it could become the optimum system choice for your next HVAC design application.

Water-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems and Applications

Speaker: Jocelyn Leger
Time: 2:15-3:15PM

The session offers an introduction to the Water-cooled VRF concept, components, heat pump and heat recovery systems as integrated with a range of heat sink formats, including geothermal. The overview covers the different commercial building applications, methods to ensure optimal annual performance and comfort levels through effective system design strategies based on maximizing heat recovery. Water-cooled VRF is a growing market and offers a lot of advantages. Come and see how it could become the optimum system choice for your next HVAC design application.

Evolution of Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems featuring new Hybrid VRF Technology

Speaker: Jocelyn Leger
Time: 3:15-4:15PM

The session will cover the evolution of different types of VRF systems that are becoming increasingly popular when designing HVAC systems. We are currently in an era where energy savings, comfort and meeting refrigerant concentration limits inside a building are very important. The current industry trend is to try to minimize the amount of refrigerant inside an HVAC system. A new innovative technology called Hybrid VRF can meet all the above requirements. Hybrid VRF is a great solution for high performance HVAC Design. In this presentation, we will discover the best of two worlds: DX and hydronic technologies combined together, offering simultaneous cooling and heating capability while allowing energy recovery.

All sessions held Thursday, March 22 | 205C

Heating and Cooling for Today's and Tomorrow's Housing

Speaker: James Glouchkow, NRCan LEEP; Dara Bowser, HVAC Designer
Time: 1PM-2PM

Mechanical designers and contractors are challenged with open concept designs that leave little space to run ductwork, mismatches between heating and cooling loads, and home buyers with growing comfort expectations and the internet at their fingertips. At this session, an HVAC designer and builder will demonstrate how they can address challenges together at the pre-design stage using a new decision guide.

Water Heating Technology Update

Speaker: Martin Thomas, Project Engineer, CANMET Energy
Time: 2PM-3PM

The focus of Martin's Presentation will be some of the latest water heating technology developments from both North America and other parts of the world. You will see how water heaters are starting to evolve, for example, the latest in combo system development, their performance compared to typically installed Ontario space and water heating systems, and some future considerations that may have a significant impact on future combo system design. In addition to combo systems, there is the emerging gas-fired heat pump water heater (/combo) technology, water heaters integrated with renewable energy sources, and gas-fired systems that are capable of producing power as well as heat - that save on operating cost as well as energy use.

Heat Pump Performance Testing

Speaker: Jeremy Sager, Project Officer, CANMET Energy
Time: 3PM-4PM

Enabled by the incorporation of inverter-driven compressors and controls, cold climate air source heat pumps (CC-ASHP) are being introduced in the Canadian marketplace. Topics presented will include: Measured cold climate heat pump performance; Cost of heating with a heat pump versus other technologies with a note on hybrid systems; An update on the forthcoming CSA Performance Rating for Heat Pumps; Development of an Air Source Heat Pump Sizing and Selection Guide.

An Update on Space and Water Heating Energy Efficiency Regulations

Speaker: Chris McLellan, Senior Standards Engineer, Office of Energy Efficiency, and David Villarroel, Standards Engineer, Office of Energy Efficiency
Time: 4PM-5PM

It has been a year since Amendment 13 of Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations were published. NRCan is currently developing Amendment 14 and 15 for this year. Come listen to the specific changes to currently regulated products and new added products such as commercial HVAC equipment.

AHTF - Game Changing Heat Transfer Fluid Additive for the HVAC Industry

Speaker: Rudy Holesek
Room: 201B
Times: Wed. March 21 11AM-12PM | Thurs. March 22 2-3PM

Polaris Capital Power introduces for the first time to the Canadian Market, AHTF® - Advanced Heat Transfer Fluid Solutions, a game changing heat transfer fluid additive. Learn how this nanoparticle-based technology is a "drop-in" solution that increases convective transfer in hydronic systems by up to 20% and eliminates the need for equipment oversizing (by 15-25%) when using glycol.

How to Get Google Guaranteed

Speaker: Lorne Sederoff
Room: 203D
Time: Wed. March 21 11AM-12PM and Friday, March 23 1PM-2PM

Come learn about Google's new advertising platform called Google Local Services; launching in Toronto and Vancouver this spring. Get ahead of your competition and learn how SearchKings can help you get Google Guaranteed

Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems Design - Self Balancing Valves and Problems with Flow Devices

Speaker: Lauren Berenato - Channel Manager & Sales Engineer
Room: 205D
Time: Wed. March 21 | 1-2PM

This presentation focuses on the practical applications of the different plumbing codes and how to navigate through the varying codes while ensuring compliance when balancing a domestic hot water recirculation system. It goes through the different balancing valve options and Legionella prevention methods, incorporating the IPC, ASPE/ASHRAE, and NSF requirements.

Time: Thursday, March 22 | 9AM-10AM | Room 203D

Modern Biomass Heating Technology - GHG Emissions Savings and Project Funding

Speaker: Andreas Wintzer, Biomass and Commercial Projects Manager

This session will include: an overview of GHG emission in Canada; a discussion of advantages/benefits of modern biomass heating technology and available project funding. Andreas will also cover system design best practices for small & medium-sized commercial biomass systems.

Modern Condensing Boiler Technology - Commercial Applications and Piping Layouts

Speaker: Mark Norris, Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc.

This session will cover: commercial condensing heating system applications; boiler integration into existing systems, commercial system efficiences as well as piping layouts and system design considerations.